Top Google Doodles For London Olympics 2012

Google doodles have always amazed me in some or the other way. The doodles are really enjoyable and fun to see for us the users. Nowadays i excitedly wait for a new goggle doodle to appear.

The past week I have been observing the Olympics 2012 Google Doodles which look quite exciting. I was really keen in sharing the doodles which have appeared in the past one week. The doodles have been arranged date wise (as they appeared on Google).

Lets take a look at some of the London Olympics 2012 Google Doodles.

2012 London Olympic Games – Opening Ceremony

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony doodle shows 5 athletes holding the letters of the Google logo. The athletes outfit depicts each of the sports being held at the Olympics which include football, basketball, swimming, javelin throw, running, fencing. I love the girl in the extreme right who has put a sword in the letter “e”.

google doodle london olympics 2012 opening ceremony

2012 London Olympic Games – Archery

This doodle shows a female archer aiming at the board which depicts the letter ‘o’ of the word Google. The doodle shows the Lord’s cricket ground where the archery event of London 2012 Olympics games is held.

google doodle london olympics 2012 archery

2012 London Olympic Games – Diving

The Google doodle shows a diver who is all set to do a black-flip into the swimming pool. The bottom of the pool shows the word Google on it.

google doodle london olympics 2012 diving

2012 London Olympic Games – Fencing

The doodle shows two fencers where in the letter ‘O’ is formed by one of the players head. The other player on the right defends himself by holding the alphabet ‘L’. The fencing event is held at every Summer Olympic games.

google doodle london olympics 2012 fencing

2012 London Olympic Games – Gymnastics Men’s

The Olympics Google doodle for London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men’s Rings shows a macho gymnast with a moustache . The alphabet ‘O’s of Google are shown by the two rings. They also depict the rings of the Olympics Logo.

google doodle london olympics 2012 gymnastics

2012 London Olympic Games – Field Hockey

The doodle shows a female Hockey player holding a hockey stick and chasing the ball. The body of the female player forms the letter ‘G’ in the word Google.
google doodle london olympics 2012 hockey

2012 London Olympic Games – Table Tennis

The doodle made by Google is dedicated to the sport table tennis. The doodle shows two table tennis players who are competing with each other. The left-handed players tennis racket is depicted as the alphabet “O” which connects it with the 3rd letter of Google. The word Google is written on the net.

google doodle london olympics 2012 table tennis

2012 London Olympic Games – Shot Put

Olympics  London 2012 shot put doodle is the first ever doodle made by Google related to the Shot Put event.

google doodle london olympics 2012 shot put doodle

2012 London Olympic Games – Pole Vault

The ninth doodle by Google for Olympics 2012 shows a  female pole vaulter who propels herself high in the sky. In the background there is the Google logo. The ceiling of the stadium has been painted with the colors which are present in the Google logo.

google doodle london olympics 2012 pole vault

I am sure more doodles would come up by Google till the Olympic 2012 ends 12th August. Keep a watch for them. :) Also check out this cool thing Google has launched
  Play Hurdles On Google Doodle :) . The google doodle is a game  where in the player has to use the arrows to keep running and spacebar to jump over the hurdle. Go and set new records !!

One more Launched recently Google Doodle Basketball 2012!!

play-google-doodle-basketball-olympics-2012 Google Doodle launches Slalom canoe Olympics Doodle 2012

google-doodle--olympics-slalom-canoe-2012-1       Click Here to Play Soccer 2012 on Google Olympics 2012 Doodle  

The doodle enables you to play as a goalie. Its fun to defend the soccer ball by either jumping or standing in front of the ball. Set a new record by playing the superb fun game


2012 London Olympic Games - Rhythmic Gymnastics 

Google doodles has returned backed to the static ones after 4 back to back interactive Olympics doodles. The latest doodle is for Rhythmic Gymnastics event which is being held in London Olympics. The doodle shows a female gymnast who holds a ribbon and dancing around leaving the outline of the letters “O” of Google. We expect this weekend to be silent and graceful with the shiny balls and swirly ribbons after the keyboards have been tapped so much to play the Olympics game doodles.

2012 London Olympic Games – Closing Ceremony

12th August 2012, The London Olympics 2012 is coming to an end and Google has made a new doodle for it where in all the athletes are dancing away in glory and celebrating the closing ceremony.


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