10 Best Business Card Designs Bound to Fetch You Business

Unless you are totally known by your face, you need to have a business card to promote your business. It is one of the most important methods of promoting your business and adding new clientele. Gone are the days when business cards were just a piece of rectangular cardboards with name and address printed in orthodox fonts. The scenario has changed completely. Now, you will come across business cards that are highly innovative and equally informative. We selected 10 best business card designs for your business. One thing is for sure, these cards won’t ever find a waste-bin.

10 Best Business Card Designs Bound to Fetch You Business

1. Flow Yoga Business Card

Here comes a simple, yet creative design of business card that just rolls like a yoga mat. This comes from a yoga center in Vancouver. Highly creative and completely holistic, we should say!


2. Elixia Vitalclub: Partner Programs

Only if you see the card singly (see again), you will notice something that became part of Elixia Vitalclub’s business cards. Even we couldn’t notice it at first look! Could you? Very impressive, indeed.


3. Choko La: Candy Wrapper Business Card

Do taste the candy, but make sure you do not throw away the wrapper, because that is not an ordinary paper, it is a business card! Now that’s what we call a delicious business card.


4. Sandra Boïls: Business cards

Exceptionally creative design for a person who deals with pianos and other similar instruments. The card has an attractive piano key pattern on it.


5. La Charkuterie

Get these salami-style business cards from La Charkuterie, a restaurant renowned in Vancouver. No, these are not edible!


6. Casabella Furniture: Sofa

We found this to be great. See what two small cuts and a fold can do to your business card. Nothing special in printing or make, but highly innovative. Best for people in business of furniture, etc.


7. Yuka Suzuki: Hair & Make-Up Artist

To anyone whom you handover this stylish business card will preserve it forever, and more importantly, be your customer. Watch these innovative business card designs from Yuka Suzuki, the hair and make-up artist.


8. Marisa Schmidt: Couple Therapist

We found this highly attractive and creative card from the couple therapist – Marisa Schmidt. We wish you never have situation to visit her, by the way.


9. Good Graphic Designer

We could not figure out what this business card was all about! Thankfully, there were hints available on the flipside. All in all, we found it to be innovative and impressive.


10. Design by Letterart Printing Studio

With complete matte finish and letters kind-of engraved into the card in different font sizes, both vertically and horizontally, we found this business card to be pretty impressive. Card quality and minimalistic design speak for itself.


So, next time you get your business card designed, make sure it is so creative that it never finds a wastebin. Do let us know if you or your business has something of this sort; we would love to mention it here.

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